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Places Covered

Haridwar: This is one of the most important religious places for the Hindus. It is the part of the four pilgrimages required to achieve salvation. It is said that the three primary Gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva reside here. This is the reason why this place is also called the Gateway to God. This place is characterized by clear waters of the holy river Ganges and the dense forests. This is the place we will visit in the Delhi to Haridwar AC bus.

Har Ki Pauri: There are many banks of the Holy River Ganges but Har Ki Pauri is the most religion one in Haridwar. The word Har refers to God Shiva and Pouri refers to footprints. It is believed that Shiva god had left his footprints here and so the name. But there are footprints of Lord Vishnu as well.

Ganga Arti: It is one of the most spectacular sites of the Haridwar which is carried out at Har Ki Pauri very early in the morning and also after sunset. A huge crowd gathers at the bank of one of the canals which is connected to Ganges. In the night the river looks like the sky bed studded with stars in the form of the floating diyas.

Mansa Devi Temple: This is one of the most revered and oldest temples in the city of Haridwar. It is located on the Shivalik Hills atop the mountain called Bilwa Parvat. The word Mansa means wish. This is why it is believed that whoever visits the temple with the earnest desire and is the sincere request their wishes are fulfilled.

Ram Jhula: It is one big suspension bridge across River Ganges made of iron. It connects some of the important places and temples situated on the either side of the river. It is a modern structure which was completed in the year 1980. It is also one of the famous landmarks. It is located 2km from Rishikesh.

Sivananda Ashram: Situated by the River Ganges, this Ashram is the centre place for the global organization called The Divine Life Society. This Ashram was founded in the year 1996 by Swami Siwananda Saraswati. Here you can practice yoga and buy the spiritual books while on the Delhi to Haridwar same day tour by Volvo.

Gita Bhawan: This place is also situation by the banks of the Ganges. It has more than 100 rooms. The devotees are welcome to stay here for no cost at all. This is the perfect place for those who are looking for a quite spot to meditate away from the hubbub of the city life.

Lakshman Jhula: This is another iron suspension bridge built across Ganges River in Rishikesh. When it was first constructed it was simply a bridge made of jute rope. However, it was reconstructed in 1930. This bridge gets its name because it is believed that Lakshman, Lord Rama’s younger brother, crossed the Ganges River from here using the jute rope.